Why Tri? When you can Du!


"Run - Cycle - Run races in N.I."

Dual vision to promote the sport of Duathlon in Northern Ireland making it fully inclusive for all:

1: To organise and facilitate Duathlon races in a variety of suitable locations across Northern Ireland, attracting all levels of local runners and cyclists who want to compete in multi-sport events but without the swimming or canoeing! There will be plenty of opportunities to race against local Triathletes as well.

​​2: To encourage and enable local blind and partially sighted tandem and run groups to enter Duathlons by working along with RNIB NI and Guide Dogs in NI and with NCBI, asking running/cycling/triathlon club members to volunteer as guide runners / tandem pilots for our new Belfast Tandem Cycling Group.

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​​The 'can Du' attitude!

​​After competing in 40 Duathlons during 2014, involving some long car journeys throughout Ireland, it was felt that there was room for a few more Northern Ireland races and so niduathlon.com was born. Having talked to race organisers, other participants and supporters, we aim to put on some of the best Duathlons ALL year round, which you may also find to be addictive!