Belfast Duathlon 31/05/2015

Belfast Duathlon 10/05/2015

Bishopscourt Race Track Duathlon 26/04/2015

Kirkistown Race Track Duathlon 04/04/2015

Nutts Corner Circuit Duathlons 28/02/2015

Bishopscourt Race Track Duathlon 25/01/2015

Bishopscourt International Circuit Duathlon 30/11/2014

Bishopscourt International Circuit Duathlon 02/11/2014

Kirkistown Race Track Duathlons 28/09/2014

"OK let's see now, how did you Du?"

Bishopscourt Christmas Tracker Duathlon 28/12/2014

Why Tri? When you can Du!

Belfast Duathlon 22/11/2015

Belfast Duathlon 27/09/2015

Belfast Duathlon 27/12/2015

Results from our 2014 - 2015 races with the most recent at the top:

Kirkistown Race Track Duathlon 14/03/2015

Nutts Corner Circuit Valentine's Duathlons 15/02/2015

Bishopscourt Race Track Duathlon 22/03/2015